The Women’s Sports Museum – Making it Happen in Sarasota!


If we build it will they come? Sarasota thinks yes and here’s why.

There is currently no single, stand alone Women’s Sports Museum (WSM) in this country dedicated to all women’s sports. There are many halls of fame honoring individuals, but this would be central to fans and tourists. It will be a resource center for all women athletes past and present as well as a learning center for future sports careers. The history, struggle, accomplishments, and details of many women athletes whose names have never been heard will be researched, and young girls will see what it was like 100 years ago before Title lX became law in 1972. Young female athletes will know that athletic ability is a gift to be developed if one chooses to do so, knowing that the stigma attached to girls participation in sports is gone!
Sarasota is a popular tourist destination and sports are a big part of that. The county’s tourism agency said, “the growth we’re seeing for sports tourism is explosive.” Numerous sporting events are being held here while mega dollars will be spent by state and local officials to attract more tourists. What then could be more of a tourist attraction than a place for moms to take their daughters to learn about careers in sports that are now possible for them to achieve and to see and hear about the contributions from heros of the past who helped create these opportunities.
The all inclusive Women’s Sports Museum (WSM) will be a place that will inspire young girls, provide them with an area to learn, and a place to participate in fun sporting activities while their moms enjoy lunch as they gaze out at beautiful Sarasota Bay. It will be educational, attractive to tourists, and family-oriented, and that is why Sarasota is the perfect place to build it. This is a unique opportunity to create a lasting place for female athletes, and also athletic females, to display, preserve, learn, and inspire future generations!
Go to the web site and check out the Women’s Sports Museum and donate to our cause! 

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