A Title IX Game Experience

Women's Sports Foundation


After 45 years of Title IX, people still don’t know what it can do for all athletes. Only 10% of college students report having a basic knowledge of the law. PLAY IX is an interactive messenger game that helps you navigate through the many rights that Title IX protects in athletics. It aims to: educate student-athletes as well as coaches, administrators, parents and the sports community about the legislation, help young athletes own the conversation, and build a stronger community.

Using Facebook Messenger or Kik, players are guided through some of the challenging experiences routinely faced by student-athletes, coaches and sports administrators by playing through a series of four avatars representing diverse perspectives. Each scenario is complemented by images and videos that make it educational, entertaining and relatable.


Designed with student-athletes in mind, PLAY IX is free to play on Facebook Messenger and Kik messaging platforms with no in-app purchase. Search PLAY IX or @WSFplayIX on either platform, send a message to start a conversation and you’re in.


Title IX and Girls in Sports Poll Report
In anticipation of the 45th Anniversary of Title IX, the Women’s Sports Foundation commissioned a national poll about Title IX awareness and support and attitudes and behaviors about girls’ sports participation.

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