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Women's Sports Foundation
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The Foundation is dedicated to creating leaders by ensuring girls’ access to sports. We provide safe and equitable sports opportunities so that all girls receive the significant health, education and leadership benefits both on and off the field.
Only 25% of girls are getting sufficient physical activity to combat the development of chronic disease and enhance quality of life. Barriers to participation and other socioeconomic factors compound this deficit in females of color as well as for girls and women living in urban and rural settings. (Staurowsky et al., 2015)
Disordered eating, depression and poor self-esteem are commonly associated with a negative body image, which can develop in girls as young as 6 and be well-established by the age of 9. Physical activity is shown to have a positive effect on body image over time. (Staurowsky et al., 2015)
Sport is where our children learn about teamwork, goal setting and the pursuit of excellence. In an economic environment where the quality of our life is dependent on two-income families, our daughters cannot be less prepared for the highly competitive workplace than our sons.
The Foundation works to afford females equal opportunity to work and be volunteer leaders in sports organizations and the sports industry.
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